We divulge the ideas of liberty, the rule of law, social openness, community activism, and cultural awareness.

The American way!

Our Values

Freedom, the Rule of Law, and Government Transparency

Social Openness and Commitment Towards the Community

Cultural Awareness and Intellectual Independence

Luke Darby Bartosik
President of the Center For American Studies

Welcome to the Center For American Studies!

Have you ever dreamed about
an open, free, and prosperous society?
Join our team – let’s build it together!

Center For American Studies is a fully independent non-governmental organization located in Poland. Among our members there are people from all walks of life: young professionals, future academics, opinion leaders, public intellectuals, community activists, and more.

We do not only advance American studies as an academic discipline, but also inspire others to implement what’s best in the American way of life in their every-day living: approachability, resourcefulness, and individualism combined with commitment towards the community.

What We Do

News & Articles

Reflections after the Warsaw Middle East Conference

Reflections after the Warsaw Middle East Conference

Recently, the Middle Eastern conference caused quite a turmoil in the media. It stirred up a lot of controversy in the international arena, including Poland. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that the Conference will revolve around the future war with...

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Our Team

Each of us has a different story, interests, and plans for the future.
What we all share is the desire to build a civil society and advance the core American values.

Luke Darby Bartosik


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Mikołaj Lewandowski


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Arkady Wenerski

Director of Legal Affairs

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Aleksandra Ratajczak

Director of Development

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Malwina Izodorczyk

Marketing Director

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Oleksandr Statkevych

Finance Director

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Marcin Mączyński

Director of Administrative Affairs

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Members Feedback

A great initiative! That’s how passionate people operate!


The U.S. activities influence the lives of all of us. I support CFAS and stay updated!


CFAS constantly gives me motivation for self-development!