From Wednesday in Venezuela there are mass protests against the current president – Nicolás Maduro, who was re-elected in fairly dubious circumstances.The political situation was exacerbated by the speech of Juan Guaidó, who during one of the demonstrations in Caracas declared himself a temporary president, recognizing that he thus takes over executive power in the country.Shortly after, the “temporary president” received the political support of Donald Trump, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. On the opposite side of the political bloc, China and Russia. Russia recognized that foreign support for Guaido is “a direct route to bloodshed” and is a violation of international law.

Current President Nicolás Maduro recognized US actions as a provocation, thus breaking diplomatic relations. On Thursday he issued an order expelling American diplomats, but the US Department of State ordered that the most important diplomats should remain in Venezuela.

The question then arises as to whether the conflict will escalate, especially when one takes into account the fact that Venezuela currently has the largest documented oil reserves in the world, is in a political and economic crisis, and the United States, Russia and China are on opposite political sides.

Jacek Firlej

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