Our research touches upon law, political science, sociology, philosophy, economy,
and other fields.


In Search of the Euro-Atlantic Doctrine of Freedom of Speech

The subject of this work are the limits of freedom of speech in contemporary liberal democracies constituting the titular Euro-Atlantic zone. The goal of the work is to answer the question whether there is one, common Euro-Atlantic doctrine of freedom of expression or are there plenty of conflicting doctrines, dependent upon the particular geographical area or sphere of political influence.

The United States of America: Foreign Policy and International Law

This bilingual publication presents an overview of the American foreign policy and international law in historical and contemporary context. The work touches upon both historical and contemporary problems, and therefore constitutes a guidebook of the key issues in the history of the United States on the international arena.

An Anchor of a Free Republic or a Relict of the Past? Gun Rights in Interdisciplinary Perspective

The book touches upon controversial and timeless topic of gun rights. The key issues are presented in a comparative manner, juxtaposing both the the American and European experiences with gun laws.

The United States Constitution. From the Studies of the American Political System

The monograph constitutes an overview of the American political system, its historical roots, and contemporary problems. The publication touches upon, among others, the division and separation of powers, the role of the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court, as well as the essential rights and liberties guaranteed for American citizens by the Constitution.

American Legal, Political & Economic Thought – Selected Problems (Volume I)

The book is divided into four parts and analyzes the American legal, political and economic thought, and presents the respective problems through an interdisciplinary prism. The publication also focuses on the relationship between American and European doctrines and the key ideas of the modern world, such as the universal basic income and the independence of the judiciary.